Saturday, November 26, 2011

OMG!!! There's a ..COW ON THE ROOF!!!!!!

Our very own production company, we figured eventually we would need it to help our push in funding our little cartoon we got here, or even our pitch to studios or networks. With "Cow on the Roof productions" we hope to create original animated productions like "Crackerland" to continue the great American art form of animation.

Artist: Celeste Cronrath

Ok, Why Cow on the Roof? For years we pull the same corny joke that amuses nobody but ourselves, I guess. Down the road from Lavalle's place on Bumby Ave ( yes that Bumby) sits a cow high on the roof of the T.G. Lee Milk factory.. when driving past it, with a passenger who is unaware of said cow, I scream in mock amazement & point wildly " there's a cow on the roof" the passenger might look up & catch a glimpse of the cow as I speed by, none the wiser i exclaim that they have a live cow on the roof.. among various stories over the years. Only Lavalle has seen to continued the same joke to his family & friends. So i think its natural name for our " Animated" projects :)

Samuel P. Cracker

A younger more wall street type character study for Mr. Cracker's brother Samuel P. Cracker

Artist : Nicholas Fechter