Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Logo- Concepts

Future t-shirt???
Artist: Les Carpenter

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Orangee the Misunderstood Costumed Character

I came up with a sub story for Orangee, one of Crackerland's costumed characters. Basically starts out with him on a normal day, waking up, getting ready, going to work (still in costume). Then when at the park beaten by children, then a pan to the normal characters saying, "Good morning".

Character designs- Crackerland cast

...few of our other characters that populate " Crackerland"

Our female cast member " Kaley" keeps the boys in line & out of trouble best she can

Artist: Mark Stanger

Old man " Colonial T. Cracker" owner of Crackerland

Artist: Mark Stanger

Old security guard....Cant stop much at his age

Artist: Mark Stanger

Character design- Jay

Jay (O' Gator) our gator is the defacto leader of the trio... a bit gruff, sarcastic & self aware of his situation & surroundings. End of his tail is missing.
character traits: mop top of irish red hair, freckles & Hawaian shirt

Artist: Raul Pacheco Cruz

Artist: Mark Stanger

Character design- Fred

Fred the Flamingo is our panicstiken frantic Flamingo hyper to the extreme.

Artist: Raul Pacheco Cruz

Artist: Mark Stanger

Artist: Kerry Tripp

Character designs- Bumby

Bumby the Mantaee is our loveable yet clueless mascot to "Crackerland" like his father & grandfather before him... He is poster boy for Florida manatee. Big & dumb he on land is pushed around in old shopping cart. yet in water he is graceful.

Artist: Mark Stanger

Artist: Don Shane

Artist: Lavalle Lee

Park concepts

concept designs Artist: Kerry Tripp

Our Entrance to our park is gonna be the vein of the tacky Tourist traps along Florida highways. inspiration from likes of Gatorland Zoo, Mystery Fun House & South of the Border

Characters- Our gang of three

Our three main characters make up iconic Florida animals............. a Flamingo, a Manatee & a Gator.

Artist: Mark Stanger


Little history of this project. My friend Lavalle and I met in Don Bluth's Animation club working on the Cyber Garage project. We discovered we both had a love of Classical Animation, its our dream to work on a 2d animated project. My background is working at the Walt Disney World resort my entire working life since the age of 19, Lavalle comes from Minnesota where he had on his own website making Flash cartoons since the year 2000. We thought of various ideas for projects over the Summer before settling on idea on a story in an old roadside attractions that populated the state of Florida in mid 20th century until the big corporation theme parks took over landscape. "Crackerland " is setting for Florida based theme park /roadside attraction. Our story focus on our 3 " cast members" who work in the land of Sun & Fun ..... "where the Tourist are" Greetings from Crackerland!

Original napkin drawing of our characters I did during a lunch with Lavalle...Jay O' Gator, Freddie the Flamingo & Bumby the Manatee. Originally i wanted to call it " Lost in the Tropics" & Lavalle wanted to have the title " Tropical Mischief". Then we all talked about it and "Crackerland" is the working title.


Created by

Lavalle Lee McGuirk and Les Carpenter

Friday, December 18, 2009

Welcome to the Crackerland Blog!

Here we will update you with news, previews, character sketches, animation tests and alot more. Keep checking back!

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