Sunday, December 27, 2009

Park concepts

concept designs Artist: Kerry Tripp

Our Entrance to our park is gonna be the vein of the tacky Tourist traps along Florida highways. inspiration from likes of Gatorland Zoo, Mystery Fun House & South of the Border


  1. I love the concept designs for the entrance of Crackerland. I love the top one where his buck teeth are the entry doors and the one where the gator will eat you when you come in the entry doors. The bottom one is nice because the attaction is hidden behind the big walrus and you know how some parks like to hide the attractions until you actually get there. I can see the Flamingo with balloons out front be a robot and you can push a button and say "sorry we're closed to refurbish America's favorite family fun park" like in Vacation. not necessarily that but something funny when you push the button. maybe push the button and it farts. everyone loves potty humor. I'll keep thinking! :)

    `Heather (aka storyboardgirl)

  2. Les,
    I love these! I was hoping to see a very tall structure in the background- such as the sombraro-style tower at South of the Border.