Monday, March 22, 2010

The British are Coming, The British are Coming

This is one TV episode ideas for a 4th of July themed show. Basic plot for the episode is that world renown Travel Magazine critic " Reginald j Longbottom III has chosen "Crackerland" to review for the big Summer issue. Getting a positive review insures big crowds.. which Crackerland needs. So on his visit to the Park... our mascot Bumby has suspicion that Reginald is here to take back the Colonies for mother England!!! Convincing Freddie is easy, but Jay takes some time... but the clues start to pile up of the attended take over. ... the Twist in the story.. indeed Reginald is trying to take of the country!.. at one point ripping off his suit to reveal him wearing a Redcoat uniform! Hilarity ensues...Featuring ..Fire Ant Hill ( Parody of Bunker Hill) Hall of Vice Presidents ( Al Gore- global warming, Dan Quayle- potatoe & others) Fireworks & grand finale a parody of Spirit of 76 parade down the main street ( Bumby with Flag, Jay with drum & Freddie with Flute....with Feddie falling down open manhole) Just basic outline.......Any ideas???

Reginald J Longbottom III

Artist: Brian James Fichtner

"Spirit of Crackerland"

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