Saturday, April 24, 2010

Coconut sky ride

Guests ride high above Crackerland in a coconut. The entry building is a gigantic hula girl. The hula girl was Don Shanes idea.


  1. I know this is outrageous. It will probably never make it into the show. But I had to put it out there for a good laugh. If anyone has any ideas for another sky ride let me know. I had an idea for Oranges, beach balls, hurricanes or sunshines.... What do you think?

  2. Kerry you never fail to amuse me.. that's a funny idea... I love the palm trees as the polls too is brilliant touch. It"s kitschy to the max ...Love it... I could see her made of fiberglass similar to those Giant characters at Goofy Golf... or statues like Paul Bunyan & Babe up in Minnesota or something you see along Route 66. Plus you figured it was erected in the 1950;s about same time Attack of the 50ft woman was released! Definitely more Hawaiian theme.. but its almost too good not too use. LOL

  3. i agree, this is great! Cocoa Nut Skyride!

    this has to make the show!