Friday, October 15, 2010

Creepy Custodial Carl

Every theme park has that creepy custodial guy....& Crackerland should be no different.... Custodial Carl, i vision as Billy Bob Thornton character type from the movie Sling Blade.. No social skills,.mumbling to himself & gives off that serial killer vibe.... other cast members keeps clear of...i think nice twist might be he has softer side nobody knows about. what should it be? collects candy wrappers? former ballerina in his youth... I dont know, lets explore this character

Artist : Mark Stanger

1 comment:

  1. Anyone that has ever worked a theme park has got to say that they have a "Carl" in their area. I would love to see a little refrigerator repairman crack when he bends over. Maybe he has a soft side for bugs,worms or birds. When he sees a bug or worm instead of killing it he picks it up and places it in the bushes. Or if a baby bird falls from its nest he puts it back???? Not sure of what soft side but I do like the idea!