Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Artist profile: Lavalle Lee

I thought be nice to show the artists behind "Crackerland" & none better to start with than my friend & co- Creator from the beginning Lavalle Lee. I met Lavalle through Don Bluth online class in spring of 2009 where we hit up a friendship for our love of traditional animation. Lavalle had been a Flash animator since 2000 up in Minnesota , but decided he had enough of the long cold winters & moved to Florida with his girlfriend the just days before i join Don Bluth's site. That summer he wanted to me & him to make some flash cartoons for his web site. After many ideas that we bantered across from one another...Including a trio ( if memory serves) an Armadillo, A Flamingo & Cow set in college, trailer park & traveling carnival ... at lunch one day with hit us, of a story about Florida and roadside attractions & its rivalry with the big corporate theme park resort across the street! Crackerland just started flowing & it began. We thought it was much bigger idea than for Flash cartoon, we wanted it to be a cartoon, cartoon bringing back the glorious American art form traditional 2d animation. With help of others we have brought the characters to life ... but on a planet of billions its amazing how if i never met Lavalle "Crackerland" would truly been one of those forgotten roadside attractions.

His web sites-

Some of his art work

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