Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Roadside America- Solomon's Castle

Spotlight on Roadside Attractions through out Florida. None better than to start with than "Solomon's Castle" out in the wilds of Florida. Built in the middle of Nowhere by Howard Solomon to showcase his gallery of junk art, his home is a tin foil castle that has tours daily. Next to the castle is his 'Boat in a Moat" restaurant & behind the house a plank walk through a swamp! So i finally uploaded my pictures from my visit last year, where i was oh, so lucky to get a tour from the man himself Mr. Solomon ( as opposed to his obnoxious son in law) for sure this guy is a character, who apparently doesn't own a washer & dryer as his clothes were dirty ( in fairness i think he was working on one of his art pieces) i didn't know what to expect when i found this place.... but if your into old hippie making Pun/junk art this is the Louvre of kitsch art.

The man himself Howard Solomon....Mr. Cracker influenced by him???


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