Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Flock of Seagulls

Ok, just bringing back an idea (for filler) of two seagulls who hang out at the parks making comments toward the tourist & events with the occasional swooping down to steal food from unsuspecting patrons. ..this is influenced by the Fantasyland birds who harass guests daily, also it's a tribute to Statler and Waldorf who heckle the proceeding in "The Muppet Show " I don't know if this sticks around but i thought it was funny concept.. Yes, the birds are bit self indulgent, named after Lavalle & I (Lester the fat one on right & Lee the Skinny one on left) but I thought other birds make an appearance on rooftops with them... & they be named after all you guys who contributed.... for instance a redbird named Kerry ETC. ETc. Etc. (this your shot to voice a character & let er rip on tourists) name your bird....

Artist : Les Carpenter

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