Thursday, April 21, 2011

Crackerland Park Map-Panhandle area

Added on today... The Haunted Swamp ride. (like the Jungle Cruise). Guests will experience Gigantic Insects, Moonshiners home, Swamp Monster, the Infamous Skunk Ape and If you are not careful... You may get water gun attacked by the pirate ship playground.
The train continues through the swamp. Will pass through a sandcastle, see a plane crash, cross a rickety old bridge and enter through the Gigantic Fire Ant Hill ride.
The first store is the Welcome center. (Guest Relations) Park maps, free orange juice , bathrooms, picnic area. The next store is Road Kills ( Crackerlands Finest Family Dining) then you will have a huge Ice Cream Cone toward the end of the street. At the end of Main Street is Mr. Crackers home. It sits right under the Lookout Water Tower . This is very rough draft. It is still in the making. Thanks everyone. This is fun .

A View of West Main Street, and the Panhandle area

Artist: Kerry Tripp

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  1. Just a brainstorm of how the park may visually look. Right side of Main Street has the famous Sinclair dino for stroller rental. A Huge Shell shop is next and then the famous Orange World. Behind the main street is The panhandle. First you see the Hall of Vice Presidents. The beach area with Fred paddle boats. Catch the famous Orange Blossom Special. Coconut skyride will take you to the Bumby show. ( I couldn't resist this ride) You also have a crazy Goofy Golf course and the Seminole Indian play area. Complete with Renegade Horsey rides. Train ride will take you through a huge sand castle and to the backwoods to see things like... The skunk ape and much more to come.