Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dolphin sketches

Some rough quick sketches on the Dolphin character.
So what ya think of the name Skipper for the Dolphin..? its a play on Flipper & has that snobby country club name that one might associate with 1980's teen movie. Skipper would be his stage name & Skip his behind the scene name.

Artist: Mark Stanger

1 comment:

  1. The name Skipper is very appropriate. I also recall the tv show Gilligans island. The big "Skipper" called his first mate "Gilligan"..."Lil Buddy". Maybe Skipper can have a sidekick character to call "lil buddy." Maybe a pelican or peacock.. Skipper was always hitting gilligan over the head. Also, I was thinking ...if in a previous episode, Skipper could've tried out for the role in Flipper. He was rejected from getting the part. Maybe he carries a chip on his shoulder as to not getting the part. It would be very funny to see whenever a guest mistakingly calls him Flipper Skippers reaction. He has to go off backstage to let out his anger. Or... Skipper could've murdered Flipper. I checked out weird tourist places in Florida and Flipper really has a grave site near Miami. There is alot of ideas about Skipper that you can play around with. I would also like to suggest that he has a very "Clean Cut" appearance to the guests. If you have ever seen Hairspray the movie I would like to see him as the Host of the tv show. Perfect smile. Every mother wants to have him as a son-in-law type guy. Behind the scenes he is anything but... Love your work! keep em coming!