Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gee Whizzy World- Mascot "The Dolphin"

Our rival theme park mascot & main villain of the show. The "Douche bag Dolphin" I imagine him as a villain from the 1980's John Hughes movies or the bad blonde kid from Karate Kid. The Rich spoiled Preppy frat boy type .. Collar popped with shades on.. Classic 80's teen movie bad guy ..crossed with Darla Dimples from Cat's Dont Dance. I total fake in front of public but a terror behind the scenes. He especially hates our trio.. with Bumby annoying him the most. I think he be a great villain for our show.. What do you think? Name suggestions?

Anyway here is my rough concept drawing of him...IM no character designer .. so any other takes on him be great to see!

A Quick Photoshop color study

Artist: Les Carpenter

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  1. Finally! The Villian! So glad to see him make his way to the Blogsite. This guy is going to be lots of fun. Nice sleek design. I like him streamlined. The Polo shirt... popped collar is a nice touch!