Friday, May 14, 2010

Seminole Indian themed land

Indian land will feature the Haunted Swamp tour, kiddie canoe ride, the iron horse train ride and Indian playground village

Smoking Area

Artist: Kerry Tripp


  1. It seems like every theme park has a western / indian land. Indians are the backbone of the florida heritage. We will go with a ficticional indian named Chief Ochee Dochee and his horse Hunchee Dhoree. I envisioned a large indian at the entrance where guests will walk through to get into the land. The indian doesnt have anything under his loin cloth. Stategically placed is an eye of God on his loin cloth. I have a smoking section. Drum and arrow fencing... All kinds of ideas. Please let me know what you think.

  2. Indian villages are part of some of the great parks i grew up on... Six Gun Territory & Ghosts town in the sky, Plus great Indian village on Train ride at Disney.

  3. Again excellent concepts Kerry! I love the Indians. I think its all funny! I love the names of the characters too! can you imagine telling guests at the park, go to the big Indian if you want to smoke. maybe you could have some sort of water mist that will look like smoke coming out of his pipe to keep guests cool on a hot day. i'll keep thinking on this one.